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Weatherstone creates art that connects at the intersection of sport, music and culture

Through the lens of film, we inspire creativity at the center of our community.

Our storytelling is rooted in authenticity relevant to artists, athletes, and brands alike.  

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Tomas Cutts 

Tomas Cutts is a Director based in Los Angeles. The founder and CEO of Weatherstone Studios.


He began his creative journey by filming behind the scenes on a Netflix feature film shortly after acquiring his first camera. Over the past five years, Tomas has gained a thorough understanding of the production industry through a diverse range of experiences across various media platforms.


He has directed and produced content for some of the most renowned artists in the music industry, as well as premier athletes, sneaker companies, and fashion brands, including Vince Staples, Way of Wade, the Shoe Surgeon, and more.


In his free time, Tomas enjoys playing basketball, creating art, and watching movies.

Anthony Goslawski 

Anthony Goslawski is a Producer and Director of Photography at Weatherstone Studios.

Based in Chicago. His creative journey began as a photographer, capturing a variety of street and portrait photography styles throughout the city. As he honed his craft, he began photographing various artists and eventually transitioned into cinematography. Since then, he has worked on a variety of commercials, documentaries, short films, and music videos, gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge.

In his free time, Anthony enjoys watching movies, dancing it up, and playing basketball. He also enjoys going to local events and helping out in ways that he can in his community.



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Jose Vasquez 

Jose Vasquez is a Manager at Weatherstone Studios.

Jose has had a vast experience working with a wide range of companies designing, maintaining, and reconstructing IT, web sites, and various technical projects. 

Jose has skills in Graphic Design, UX/UD, Photography, Drone Photography, and more. He is Tech savvy and entrepreneurial minded with the passion of helping people tell stories.

Jose enjoys spending time with his new born, working out, and traveling in his free time.


Jasper Noland 

Jasper is a Director and Producer at Weatherstone Studios. As a Director, Jasper establishes a specific aesthetic that reflects his surroundings and expounds on the rose that grew from the concrete. 


Jasper's film, Let Me Tell My Story (LMTMS), has served as a wave of inspiration among young black creatives across the nation. Through and through, with an appreciation and love for the culture and awareness of the city that raised him, Jaspers artistic style speaks volumes through his work.


He does not shy away from the harsher details of his upbringing, but instead acknowledges the reality of the situation and the potential he has to bring light to an often overcast place.

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Tyler Bell 

Tyler Bell, also known as T-Bell, is a producer at Weatherstone Studios.


Hailing from Chicago and currently living in Los Angeles, T-Bell has a diverse background in marketing, having worked with companies such as Nike and Jordan Brand. He has a wide range of experience in the entertainment industry, including acting and producing in short films, pilots, music videos, and more.


Additionally, T-Bell is a content creator with a significant following on multiple social media platforms, along with his girlfriend Dani DMC. He has developed social media strategies to increase and optimize online presence both personally and as a consultant.


In his free time, T-Bell enjoys golfing, working out, and traveling with his partner.

Van Norris 

Van Norris is a versatile Director and Producer based in New York. He is currently working as a Creative Producer for Syracuse University.


His expertise in editing, graphic design, and cinematography enables him to craft stories in an innovative way. He has directed and produced a variety of content for Syracuse University, including short-form pieces featuring athletes and more.


In his spare time, Van enjoys playing football, exercising, and watching movies.

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